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Taizhou Kaihua Diesel Generator Sets Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells diesel gen-sets. The power of the gen-sets is from 3kw to 3000 kw, mobile power station is from 15 kw to 600 kw, marine diesel gen-sets from 12KW to 1000KW and various kinds of imported series, special series diesel generators. Kaitong series full-automatic diesel generator sets produced by Kaihua can meet the electricity demand in any cases......
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  ¡¤ 5 Sets Imported Cummins Diesel Genset...... 2014-10-25
  ¡¤300kw volvo silent diesel gensets exported to. 2013-2-1
  ¡¤120kw cummins mobile silent genset... 2012-12-14
  ¡¤Several Cummins Diesel Generators Expor... 2012-3-1
  ¡¤25MW cummins diesel gensets exported to.. 2012-1-5
  ¡¤10 Sets Silent Diesel Generator Exported... 2011-12-29
  ¡¤500KW VOLVO Power Generator Exported.... 2011-09-29
  ¡¤50KW Cummins Mobile Diesel Genset.... 2011-09-27
  ¡¤Cummins Waterproof Diesel Genset.... 2011-09-24